The Mule Pledge

In its 207 years, Colby College has faced devastating wars, economic depressions and recessions, and global pandemics. Through all of these challenges, the College never lost its focus on carrying out its mission of providing an outstanding education. Generations of Colby students have benefited from that enduring commitment. As we once again face a worldwide public health crisis, we seek to continue our campus-based educational program knowing that it will only be possible if every one of us understands the risks and commits unequivocally to ensuring that our personal behavior comports with the College’s policies and guidelines that have been developed to protect the safety of everyone in our community—including the Waterville community.
This abiding compact calls on us to recognize our shared purpose and belief that at this trying moment, when it comes to securing the health and well-being of ourselves and others, individual choice and individualistic action will need to be subordinate to the common good. This is a time for shared sacrifice, for understanding that many of our actions—once seen as routine—can now cause great harm. It is a time to act deliberately and thoughtfully to protect others and thereby to protect the extraordinary privilege we have to live and learn together on Mayflower Hill.
Our experiences over the last several months have strengthened our conviction that we are better when we are together. We learn in relationship with one another, the purposely designed campus creates a more equitable learning environment than remote instruction, and our activities outside of the classroom bring additional joy and meaning to our lives. The pledge we sign today is a commitment we make to follow the steps necessary to allow our community to stay together.
The Colby Affirmation states that our community requires “active, honest, and compassionate engagement with one another.” At this extraordinary moment, it is imperative that we treat each other with respect and lead with patience, empathy, and compassion in our daily interactions. 
By returning to campus and signing the Mule Pledge, I agree that I will do my part to safeguard our Colby community and local Waterville community.