Health Protocols Update

We write today with updates on our health and safety protocols for the summer.

With a much lower campus population over the summer, greatly reduced testing demand, and widespread availability of rapid-antigen tests, the College will discontinue Covid-19 testing on campus on Friday, May 20. The College will also discontinue its Covid-19 dashboard at that time.

Beginning Monday, May 23:

  • Students who are symptomatic, or a close contact, may use an at-home test or call Health Services to arrange for a Covid-19 test. In either case, Health Services will provide instructions for those testing positive.

  • Employees experiencing symptoms, or who may be a close contact, should use an at-home test or contact their physician.

  • Students and employees testing positive should report the positive result using the CoVerified app or web interface []. Instructions on how to complete the process can be found in section 8 of the following guide []. The Covid-19 Response Team ([email protected]) will provide students and employees with isolation instructions and guidance.

  • We will continue to require new faculty and staff to be vaccinated and, when eligible, boosted for Covid-19 (or be granted an exemption).

  • Individuals may continue to require others to use masks in offices, laboratories, and meeting rooms.

The Covid-19 resources section of Colby’s website will be updated to reflect our new protocols. Health protocols for the 2022-23 academic year will be developed in the coming weeks and shared with the community as they become available. As we have noted previously, however, Covid is always changing, and it is important for us to monitor these changes and respond accordingly.

We continue to encourage everyone to take the precautions that fit with their circumstances and to be respectful of the precautions taken by other members of our community.

Thank you for your cooperation with our health protocols over the past two years. Please accept our very best wishes for the summer.