Vaccination Update

This past academic year, our focus on the health and safety of our community made it possible for us to provide an exceptional in-person learning and working environment. As we look ahead to 2021-22, we maintain our focus on the health of our community, now with the benefit of highly effective vaccines.

Our ability to provide a safe living, learning, and working environment in the coming year requires that all members of our on-campus community be vaccinated. The latest scientific evidence about highly contagious and dangerous variants, in particular, demonstrates why everyone who needs to interact on campus with one another must be vaccinated (the vaccines continue to prove effective against variants). It is also critical that everyone on campus feel safe in this environment, and our educational and cocurricular programs rely on all students, faculty, and staff being vaccinated, unless they are exempted.

Students are asked to be fully vaccinated before arriving on campus in August. Likewise, members of the faculty and staff working on campus must be fully vaccinated by Aug, 13, 2021. Please plan to receive your final dose no later than August 1. Fully vaccinated means two weeks after receiving the second dose for Moderna and Pfizer vaccines or the single dose for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. After receiving the final dose, please upload your completed vaccination record. Students may submit vaccine documentation through the student health portal here. Instructions for faculty and staff to submit documentation through CoVerified is available here. These records are confidential.

Some faculty and staff may have specific circumstances (e.g., medical or religious reasons) that preclude vaccination and may submit a request for an exemption or a request for reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act here by no later than July 9.

Students seeking a medical or religious exemption should complete a request form no later than July 1. Students should follow these instructions to access the exemption form:

  • Sign into the Health Services Portal
  • Click on forms
  • Click on Covid Vaccine Exemption Form
  • Complete form and click submit

Similarly, due to health conditions, some members of our community and/or their family members may have been advised by their health professionals to continue mitigation (e.g., social distancing, face coverings) even with vaccination. Likewise, there may also be individuals who, based on personal comfort level, prefer to continue practicing some of these measures regardless of vaccination status. In other words, we should not assume that masking or other protective measures means unvaccinated. We also should expect that in some settings we may be asked to wear face coverings or socially distance. We should expect and respect these preferences.

Once again, thank you for your efforts to keep Colby safe this past year. Please accept our best wishes for a healthy, productive summer, one that includes some time for rest and reflection. We look forward to working with you in the coming months as we prepare for another successful year at Colby.