OFFICIAL NOTICE: Health Code Level Change to Yellow

Dear Colby Community,

We hope that those of you who have traveled from campus are settled in safely as we approach final exams, beginning tomorrow.

Of the Covid-19 tests conducted this past Friday and Monday for those on campus, we have had no new positive test results, and the population density on campus is now significantly reduced. Therefore, effective tomorrow, the health code level on campus will move to yellow.

It is important to recognize, however, that Covid-19 cases continue to rise in Maine and around the country. We must all remain committed to our health and safety and to protecting those around us. Please continue to practice the measures that we know help to prevent transmission of the virus—namely wearing a mask, maintaining distance, and practicing hand hygiene. For those on campus, continuing to get tested and reporting symptoms via the CoVerified app are also essential.

The general parameters of the health code levels are online at Because the majority of students, faculty, and staff are working remotely, Miller Library will continue to operate with pick-up/drop-off only, and the Colby College Museum of Art will remain closed.

While this has truly been a semester like no other, we are gratified that we were able to remain on campus as planned through the end of classes. We wish you the best through the finals period and look forward to being together again early next year.


Karlene Burrell-McRae
Dean of the College

Margaret McFadden
Provost and Dean of Faculty

Doug Terp
Vice President for Administration and Chief Financial Officer