OFFICIAL NOTICE: Important Information About COVID-19 Testing Program

Dear Students,

As we continue to make significant investments that prioritize the health and safety of the Colby and Waterville communities, we have developed a robust testing program to substantially minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Your participation in, and adherence to, our testing program will allow us to provide the safest and most engaging on-campus experience for everyone this fall.

The testing program, which includes a partnership with Let’s Get Checked (LGC) and the Broad Institute at Harvard and MIT, is mandatory for all students, faculty, and staff. If you are returning to campus this fall you must review and sign this consent form by August 10. A separate consent form will be shared with students who are under the age of 18.

The test Colby is using is minimally invasive. Our pilot testing groups using the Broad’s test collection process reported that the test was easy and took very little time. All information collected as part of the testing program is confidential and will only be shared with our medical partners in accordance with federal and state health data privacy laws.

All members of the Colby community will be tested prior to the opening of school and will participate in regular testing afterward.

Pre-arrival testing

Most students will be tested through Let’s Get Checked. LGC will send a self-administered polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing kit by mail to the home address listed on your student account. These tests will arrive between August 10 and August 15, based on each student’s scheduled campus arrival date, and students will need to activate their test kit through LGC within 24 hours of receiving it.

The package will include everything you need to know, including instructions on how to confirm you have received the package and activate your account, how to self-administer the test, and how and when to return it to LGC, which is based on the following dates:

Colby Arrival Date

Swab & Ship Date

August 19

August 12

August 20

August 13

August 21

August 14

August 22

August 15

August 23

August 17

August 24

August 17

It is critical for you to self-administer and send your test on the exact date above in order for the lab to process it before your arrival on campus. By sharing these dates now, we trust you will have ample time to adjust your plans if necessary.

LGC is currently processing tests within 48 hours after receiving them and will provide those results to you and the College. Students who test negative will be allowed to return to campus on their designated date. Those who test positive will be contacted directly by a member of the Colby health and medical team, who will provide more information and answer questions about requirements and next steps.

LGC is not available to students who are outside the United States or under the age of 18. Those students will receive information from Dean of Students Barbara Moore about alternative pre-arrival testing shortly.

On-campus testing

The move-in process will include a mandatory test for all students upon arrival to campus. We will provide detailed information about the move-in process later this week.

Students will then be scheduled for weekly testing on campus by our health screening and testing team, with assigned days (three days a week for the start of the semester and twice per week thereafter).

Health Screening and Test Results

Colby will be using the CoVerified app (which also offers a portal for individuals who do not have access to a smartphone) for both daily health screening as well as communicating negative results. All community members will need to download the app once available (further information about CoVerified will be distributed in two weeks). Negative test results will be communicated to participants through CoVerified, which can be accessed using your Colby username and password. Positive test results will be communicated by our health and medical team for appropriate follow up.

We recognize that this testing program is new for everyone and will take commitment and accountability from our entire community to be implemented effectively. Our testing program is critical to our ability to be together this semester and share in a meaningful academic and residential experience

If you have any questions or concerns about the testing program, please contact Stephanie Sylvester, Director of Administration at or 207-859-4790.

Warm regards,

Karlene Burrell-McRae ’94

Dean of the College


Margaret McFadden

Provost and Dean of Faculty


Doug Terp ’84

Vice President for Administration and Chief Financial Officer