Covid-19 Policy and Procedures 2021-22

During the 2021-22 academic year, Colby will remain committed to the health and safety of everyone in the campus and Waterville communities. Our protocols will preserve Colby’s in-person learning experience and as much of students’ residential and cocurricular experience as possible.  

Colby’s Covid-19 policies reflect the current public health environment and are made following advice from our partners, including MaineGeneral Health, the Broad Institute, and Abbott Laboratories. Our plan includes active health management and support, prevention and mitigation strategies, and a flexible approach to campus management to adjust based on changing health environments and/or government actions.

The College has established guidelines for the opening of school that will be updated as we move closer to the beginning of the fall semester. These guidelines may be adjusted as required by any changes to health environments. 

While we recognize there is no way to ensure zero risk, Colby has committed significant resources to ensure the health and safety of the community, deliver the highest quality Colby education, and provide enrichment activities that create the Colby experience.

Most academic and administrative buildings are accessible from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Please consult this website frequently during the year to stay up to date with Colby’s Covid-19 policies and procedures.

Fall 2021

Health Code and Testing Data

Colby is committed to transparency regarding our Covid-19 testing efforts. Our health code level and dashboard tracking daily results keep the community updated on these efforts.

Health, Safety, and Resources

A program of robust testing and personal protection measures has been put in place in consultation with some of the nation’s leading medical institutions. In addition, campus resources have been brought to bear to ensure students’ physical and emotional health.

The Mule Pledge

Colby's abiding compact that calls on us to recognize our shared purpose and belief that when it comes to securing the health and well-being of ourselves and others, individual choice and individualistic action will need to be subordinate to the common good.